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Online ADN Programs in California

Earning an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) is a popular pathway to becoming a registered nurse in California.

Key Points

  • Flexibility: Online and hybrid ADN programs offer remote learning and local clinical rotations for flexibility.
  • Strong Outcomes: Graduates of online ADN programs perform as well as traditional students on the NCLEX-RN exam, making them attractive to employers.
  • Variety of Options: Accredited online ADN programs are available at schools like California State University Channel Islands, Cerritos College, National University, and more, both public and private.

An ADN combines nursing coursework and clinical training, allowing students to enter the nursing field more quickly than with a 4-year BSN degree. While many complete ADN programs at community and technical colleges, online options are also available across the state.

Online ADN programs blend remote coursework with in-person clinical rotations, giving students scheduling flexibility. Students take the same RN licensure exam (NCLEX-RN) regardless of online or on-campus training. There are several reputable, regionally-accredited schools in California offering accredited online ADN degrees with excellent graduate outcomes.

This guide outlines the top online ADN programs in California based on affordability, flexibility, and reputation. We detail program options at schools like California State University Channel Islands, National University, Cerritos College, and others. Whether you aresearching for a fully online or hybrid route to becoming an RN, these innovative nursing programs allow Californians to advance their careers on their own time.

Top Colleges Offering Online ADN Programs in California

California State University-Channel Islands

  • NCLEX pass rate: 91.14%
  • Online enrollment: 1,245 students
  • Public university

California State University-Channel Islands (CSUCI) offers accredited online nursing programs with a high 91.14% NCLEX pass rate. With over 1,200 students enrolled in distance courses, CSUCI provides flexible RN education options at the public university level.

Western Governors University

  • Fully online, competency-based BSN and MSN programs
  • Flat-rate tuition at around $3,300 per 6-month term
  • Accredited and affordable

Western Governors University (WGU) features affordable, fully online nursing programs including RN-to-BSN, MSN, and other pathways. Using a competency-based model with flat-rate tuition, WGU allows students to accelerate degree progress through self-paced coursework.

National University

  • Online and on-campus California nursing programs
  • CCNE accredited
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s, and certificate options

National University provides online and campus-based nursing programs across California. Holding CCNE accreditation, National University offers bachelor’s and master’s options in nursing with small class sizes.

Cerritos College

  • 26:1 student-faculty ratio
  • 78% of students receive institutional aid
  • Public community college

Cerritos College is a public California community college offering associate degree nursing pathways. With a student-faculty ratio of 26:1 and robust financial aid opportunities, Cerritos nursing graduates consistently post strong licensure and hiring rates.

Other top options

  • California State University-San Marcos
  • Stanbridge University
  • University of Massachusetts Global

Insights and Analysis

Quicker Entry to Nursing

Associate’s in Nursing (ADN) programs allow faster entrance to RN roles than 4-year tracks.

Blend Online and In-Person

Top schools integrate remote coursework with clinical rotations for schedule flexibility.

Strong Outcomes

  • 91%+ NCLEX exam pass rates
  • High enollment and graduation numbers
  • Generous financial aid at many colleges

Variety of Quality Options

  • Public universities
  • Private colleges
  • Community and technical colleges
  • Competency-based models

Affordable Path to RN Licensure

Accredited online ADNs offer cost-savings and access for nursing careers across California.

Key statistics: Online ADN Programs in California

Enrollment and Graduation Rates

  • California State University – Northridge has 28,617 students enrolled in online courses and a 97.44% NCLEX pass rate
  • California State University – Fullerton has 6,814 online students and a 96.97% NCLEX pass rate

Financial Aid

  • 78% of Cerritos College’s online students receive institutional financial aid
  • 56% of Compton College’s online students receive institutional financial aid

Licensure Exam Performance

  • In 2022, there were 11,578 NCLEX-RN test takers from 130 California nursing schools
  • The average NCLEX-RN pass rate for California test takers in 2022 was 87.1%
  • From April to June 2023, the RN exam pass rate was 94.32% and 90.07% for the PN exam

In summary, California offers many accredited and reputable online ADN pathways with strong enrollment, financial aid availability, and consistently high NCLEX pass rates for graduates. Let me know if you need any other specific statistics on online nursing programs in the state.