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Online Colleges That Offer Laptops in Texas

Online classes require reliable technology, which can be expensive. Fortunately, several accredited online colleges and universities in Texas aim to help students secure devices through free and discounted laptop programs and other assistance.

Taking online classes requires having a reliable computer and internet access. This can pose challenges for some students who may not have the technology resources they need.

Fortunately, several online colleges and universities in Texas offer laptop assistance programs to make sure their students have what they require for their education.

Online Colleges in Texas That Offer Laptops

In addition to state schools, some private nonprofit colleges in Texas also assist with technology costs.

University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin provides discounted laptops and other technology products to enrolled students. Discounts are offered through the Campus Computer Store and HiEd Tech Store, allowing students to save money on devices and accessories needed for classes. The university partners with top brands to ensure quality options at reduced rates.

University of Texas at Dallas

Through the Student Technology Initiative and HiEd Tech Store, the University of Texas at Dallas makes laptop and tech discounts available. The goal is to eliminate financial obstacles that could prevent students from having reliable access to devices and software needed for their online education. Partnerships give enrolled students multiple purchasing options.

University of Texas at San Antonio

The University of Texas at San Antonio aims to help online learners secure technology for class through its Campus Technology Store and the HiEd Tech Store. Discounted laptops, tablets, software, and other academic items are offered to remove barriers for students. The school believes that making devices more affordable enables students to focus more wholly on their studies.

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Online students at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley can save money on laptops and accessories through the HiEd Tech Store. By teaming up with leading computer and software brands, the university provides enrolled learners discounts on technology that facilitates an online education. Their partnerships help students get devices without straining their budgets.

University of Texas at Tyler

The University of Texas at Tyler specifically partners with Dell to offer discounted laptops to all students. Configurable laptops allow learners to customize the device to perfectly meet their technology needs and budgets. With financial obstacles lessened, students can more readily participate in online classes and complete coursework through a reliable, personalized laptop.

Southern Nazarene University

Southern Nazarene University aims to increase access to devices through its Pioneer PC Laptop Purchase Program, which allows all undergraduates to save money on Dell laptops. By receiving financial assistance toward the technology that enables online learning, students can focus their attention on academics rather than worrying about computer costs.

Whether they offer discounted laptops, free short-term computer loans, or on-campus tech assistance, these Texas colleges aim to set up their online students for academic success. Removing technology barriers helps more students focus on their education instead of worrying about how they will participate in online classes and coursework.

Guide to Online Colleges That Offer Laptops in Texas

Challenges Facing Students

Lack of technology poses barriers for online learners. Up to 19% of college students report facing tech obstacles that hinder their education. Laptop expenses also factor in, with costs deterring some students from purchasing one. Texas schools want to eliminate these roadblocks.

Benefits of Laptop Assistance Programs

Discounted and free laptops offer reduce financial strain, allowing students to invest in devices suitable for online academics. With technology costs lowered, learners can wholly focus on coursework rather than budget limitations. Schools believe facilitating device access enables greater educational attainment.

Texas Schools With Laptop Perks

The University of Texas system features discounted laptops across UT Austin, UT Dallas, UT San Antonio, UT Rio Grande Valley, and UT Tyler. Savings are provided through partnerships with leading computer brands and stores. Southern Nazarene University also assists undergraduates through discounted Dell laptops.

Other Ways Students Get Assistance

If schools don’t offer discounts or free devices, students have alternatives. Savings through retail student discounts, buying refurbished, or seeking donated technology through nonprofits can provide affordable options too.


With laptop ownership considered essential for 94% of college students, Texas schools aim to help learners secure devices. Eliminating this tech obstacle allows students to fully engage in academics and achieve educational goals. Discounted and free laptop programs invest in student success.