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Pre-Med Classes Online

The path to medical school is challenging and requires a strong foundation in the sciences, typically pursued through pre-medical (pre-med) studies. However, the traditional on-campus course route isn’t the only option.

Online education has opened new doors for aspiring medical students, offering flexibility and accessibility without compromising the quality of education.

Among the leading institutions offering online pre-med courses are Colorado State University Online, Metropolitan State University of Denver, The University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, The Ohio State University, Colorado State University Global, and the University of Florida Online.

Each school provides unique opportunities for students to prepare for medical school remotely.

Pre-Med Classes Online

Colorado State University Online

Cost: $476 per credit

Courses: Offers a variety of pre-health courses online, including options for students interested in dentistry, gerontology, forensic science, health education, nutrition, medicine, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, public health, and veterinary medicine. Courses are designed to provide a competitive edge for admissions into health professional programs.

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Cost: Contact the university for specific tuition information.

Courses: Offers the first online Bachelor of Science in Lifestyle Medicine in the country. This program equips students with competencies in lifestyle medicine, health navigation, and wellness coaching. It addresses preventive measures against chronic diseases and is ideal for pre-med majors seeking a holistic approach to medicine.

The University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign

Location: Champaign, Illinois

Tuition (annual in-state, undergrad): $15,714

Courses: Although not offering full online degrees for pre-med students, UIUC provides numerous online courses such as Introduction to Telemedicine, Medicine in Literature, General Chemistry, and Introduction to Public Health. These courses serve as valuable resources for students seeking to fulfill their pre-med requirements remotely.

The Ohio State University

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Tuition (annual in-state, undergrad): $12,485

Courses: OSU offers various pre-med degrees and courses online, including the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. The university also offers a unique feature allowing students to select Pre-Medicine as an area of interest, receiving specialized guidance for med school admissions.

Colorado State University Global

Location: Aurora, Colorado

Tuition (annual in-state, undergrad): $8,400

Courses: CSU Global provides an array of online pre-med courses, such as Principles of Human Physiology, Death, Dying, and Grief, and Medical Terminology. These courses are designed to fulfill pre-med requirements and are taught by the same faculty as on-campus courses.

University of Florida Online

Location: Gainesville, Florida

Tuition (annual in-state, undergrad): $3,876

Courses: Offers undergraduate degrees in Biology or Microbiology online, which are popular majors among pre-med students. These degrees allow students to complete all necessary coursework online, with options for both a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biology and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Microbiology.

Medical School Costs in the U.S. Breakdown

Medical school is expensive, with big differences depending on where you go (public vs private, in-state vs out-of-state). This can make it hard for people to become doctors, which is a problem because we need more of them in some areas.

Expensive Education

  • Medical school is very expensive, costing an average of $235,827 total or $58,968 per year.
  • Public schools are cheaper ($209,932) than private schools ($261,812).
  • In-state students pay less ($210,444) than out-of-state students ($261,300).
  • Costs are rising steadily-Up $1,158 per year on average–making it harder to become a doctor.

Making a Plan

  • Consider location (in-state vs. out-of-state) and school type (public vs. private).
  • Public schools are cheaper than private schools.
  • In-state residents pay less than out-of-state residents.
  • Research financial aid, scholarships, and tuition-free programs to help pay for school.
  • There are other expenses besides tuition (applications, exams, living costs).
  • Financial aid and scholarships can help.

Additional Costs

  • Application fees, MCAT & USMLE exams, books, and living expenses add up.

The Bigger Picture

  • Rising costs may make it harder to find enough doctors in the future.


The journey to medical school is diverse and requires dedication and rigorous academic preparation. Online pre-med courses offer a viable alternative to traditional on-campus learning, providing students with the flexibility to manage their studies around personal commitments.

Institutions like Colorado State University Online, Metropolitan State University of Denver, The University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, The Ohio State University, Colorado State University Global, and the University of Florida Online are at the forefront of this educational revolution, ensuring students have access to high-quality pre-med education regardless of their location or circumstances.


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