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Accelerated Online Bachelor’s Degrees

Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree Faster with an Accelerated Online Program

Earning a bachelor’s degree is becoming increasingly important for career advancement and higher earning potential.

However, the traditional four-year timeline can seem long and arduous.

An accelerated online bachelor’s degree program allows motivated students to graduate in less than four years, usually around three years.

These intensive programs provide the same high-quality education as traditional programs in a condensed schedule.

What is an Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree?

Accelerated bachelor’s degree programs compress a four-year curriculum into three years or less. They require students to complete the same 120-130 credits as a traditional program but in a shorter timeframe through year-round study and taking additional courses each term.

While this quicker pace requires dedication, it allows students to enter or advance their careers more rapidly after graduation.

Accelerated programs utilize online course delivery rather than on-campus classes. This provides flexibility for students to study anytime, anywhere while they work or manage other responsibilities.

The online format also reduces costs associated with commuting and campus housing. Some programs may require occasional in-person meetings or labs.

Who Should Consider an Accelerated Online Bachelor’s Degree?

Accelerated online bachelor’s degrees are best suited for focused, self-driven students who can handle a heavy course load. They require diligent time management skills and above-average academic capabilities. If you have few extracurricular or family commitments, you will have an easier time dedicating the needed study time.

These intensive programs are ideal for students who wish to finish their undergraduate degree quickly to either enter the workforce sooner or pursue graduate education. Career changers can leverage accelerated degrees to transition into a new field promptly.

The condensed schedule also minimizes tuition and fee costs compared to a traditional four-year program.

Accelerated Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Per, Here are 10 top schools offering accelerated online bachelor’s degrees.

  1. Campbellsville University – $399 per credit. Offers a self-paced Bachelor of Business Administration online with concentrations in accounting, management, marketing, and more.
  2. City University of Seattle – $420 per credit. Accelerated online bachelor’s degrees in management, cybersecurity, and data science. Prior learning credits accepted.
  3. Utica College – $400-$475 per credit. Online bachelor’s options in accounting, business, nursing, healthcare management, and cybersecurity.
  4. San Diego State University – $431-$491 per credit. Online bachelor’s in criminal justice, business, economics, American Indian studies, and other fields.
  5. University of Colorado Boulder – $740-$847 per credit. Post-baccalaureate BS in Applied Computer Science focuses on programming and software development.
  6. Brescia University – $425 per credit. Online bachelor’s degrees in accounting, psychology, theology, social work, integrated studies, and business. 8-week courses.
  7. Aurora University – $450 per credit. Accelerated online bachelor’s in criminal justice, business, nursing, education, social work, and more.
  8. University of Arkansas-Fort Smith – $256-$302 per credit. Online bachelor’s programs in nursing, business, human resources, communication, and Spanish.
  9. Cleveland State University – $240-$716 per credit. Range of online bachelor’s degrees including business, real estate, nursing, and social work.
  10. Biola University – $604 per credit. Accelerated online bachelor’s in psychology, biblical studies, business, public relations, and other fields.

Many colleges and universities now offer accelerated online bachelor’s degrees across a wide range of majors. Here are some of the most common majors available in this format:

  • Business – Examples include accounting, business administration, finance, human resources, marketing. An accelerated business degree can facilitate quicker advancement into management roles.
  • HealthcareAccelerated BSN programs allow aspiring nurses to enter the in-demand field rapidly. Other options include health administration and public health.
  • Computer Science – Fast-track programs in areas like cybersecurity, information technology, and software development cater to the versatile tech industry.
  • Criminal Justice – Accelerated criminal justice programs prepare students for careers in law enforcement, courts, and corrections.
  • Liberal Arts – Accelerated BA programs offer concentrations in diverse areas like communication, English, history, psychology, and social work.
  • Graphic Design – Complete an intensive graphic design program to assemble a professional portfolio in less than four years.
  • Education – Aspiring teachers can accelerate their bachelor’s in education to get licensed promptly.

These are just a few examples of the flexible majors available through accelerated online bachelor’s degrees. Other options include counseling, public relations, and data analytics. Research programs carefully to ensure they offer adequate fieldwork and career preparation in an accelerated format.

Completing an Accelerated Online Bachelor’s Degree

Pursuing an accelerated online program requires diligence but can help you accomplish your goals faster. Here are some tips to succeed:

  • Carefully manage your time between work, family life, and studying. Schedule study sessions and stick to them.
  • Maintain strong organizational skills. Keep up with course assignments and deadlines across multiple classes simultaneously.
  • Remain engaged and proactive in online classes by participating in discussions and communicating regularly with professors.
  • Limit non-essential extracurricular activities to focus your energy on academics.
  • Take advantage of instructors’ office hours and tutoring services for additional support.
  • Get adequate rest and nutrition to help manage the demanding pace and heavy workload.
  • Stay motivated towards your end goal of graduating and advancing your career.

An accelerated online program allows driven students to complete high-quality bachelor’s degree education in less than four years. Weigh the benefits and challenges of intensified curriculum as you make this big decision about your academic path. With proper planning and dedication, you can earn your accredited bachelor’s degree online in record time.