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interior design online degree

Interior design blends creative vision with technical know-how to transform spaces into functional and beautiful environments.

If you’re passionate about shaping interiors and seeking an affordable path to this fulfilling career, this list is for you!

We’ve explored the top interior design schools, considering factors like cost, graduate salary, and program offerings, to curate a list of 10 exceptional options, all with an average annual cost below $20,000 and a median starting salary exceeding $37,000.

Top Colleges Offering Online Interior Design Degrees

1. Montgomery College (Rockville, MD)

  • Average Annual Cost: $8,120
  • Program: Associate of Science in Interior Design

This program equips you with the skills to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces, preparing you for entry-level positions or further education. You’ll delve into historical styles, lighting, fabrics, and design analysis, gaining a well-rounded foundation.

2. Bellevue College (Bellevue, WA)

  • Average Annual Cost: $8,343
  • Program: Associate of Arts in Interior Design

Bellevue College offers a high-quality program with industry-standard facilities and software like Google SketchUp and Adobe Creative Suite. The curriculum emphasizes both traditional and contemporary design, fostering strong written, oral, and visual communication skills.

3. Ohlone College (Fremont, CA)

  • Average Annual Cost: $8,483
  • Program: Associate in Arts in Interior Design or Certificate of Achievement in Interior Design

Ohlone College provides a flexible pathway, allowing you to earn an Associate degree or a certificate depending on your goals. The program equips you with the necessary skills for various design fields, with options to transfer to a four-year institution for further studies.

4. Massachusetts Bay Community College (Wellesley Hills, MA)

  • Average Annual Cost: $9,187
  • Program: Certificate in Interior Design

This certificate program immerses you in space planning, color theory, and the history of design. You’ll gain proficiency in AutoCAD and explore hands-on learning opportunities, including a small business management course to prepare you for entrepreneurship.

5. Northern Virginia Community College (Annandale, VA)

  • Average Annual Cost: $9,452
  • Program: Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design

Northern Virginia Community College’s program equips you with the skills to become an interior design technician or assistant designer. You’ll gain expertise in space planning, drafting, furniture retail marketing, and contract designing, preparing you to create livable and functional residential spaces.

6. Utah Valley University (Orem, UT)

  • Average Annual Cost: $10,343
  • Program: Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

This accredited program emphasizes human needs and preferences in spatial design. You’ll develop critical thinking, technical, and creative skills to craft adaptable spaces. The program boasts a high graduation rate and strong job placement for graduates.

7. Kent State University (Kent, OH)

  • Average Annual Cost: $11,731
  • Program: Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

Kent State University’s program focuses on evidence-based design, sustainability, and technology integration. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the design process, preparing you for diverse career paths in residential, commercial, and institutional design.

8. University of North Texas (Denton, TX)

  • Average Annual Cost: $13,256
  • Program: Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

This program cultivates your creative abilities while equipping you with technical expertise in space planning, construction drawings, and sustainable design practices. You’ll have access to cutting-edge facilities and industry partnerships, preparing you for successful professional practice.

9. Pittsburg State University (Pittsburg, KS)

  • Average Annual Cost: $14,575
  • Program: Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

Pittsburg State University’s program delves into commercial and residential design, emphasizing creative problem-solving and environmentally friendly practices. You’ll also explore universal design principles and prepare to potentially work with an international clientele.

10. Marymount University (Arlington, VA)

  • Average Annual Cost: $18,432
  • Program: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design

Marymount University’s program fosters artistic expression and technical proficiency, preparing you for diverse design careers. You’ll gain a global perspective through international study opportunities and develop a strong professional network through industry partnerships.

Insights & Analysis – Top 10 Affordable Interior Design Schools in the US

Key points:

  • Balancing affordability with quality: These schools offer quality education at an average annual cost below $20,000.
  • Diverse program offerings: Associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and programs focused on specific areas of interior design are available.
  • Industry-relevant curriculum and facilities: Programs emphasize industry-standard tools and sustainable design practices.
  • Hands-on experience and job readiness: Courses in entrepreneurship and high job placement rates prepare students for real-world careers.
  • Global perspective and networking: International study opportunities and industry partnerships broaden students’ horizons and career prospects.


  • Montgomery College: Affordable Associate of Science in Interior Design program.
  • Bellevue College: Focus on industry-standard software and hands-on projects.
  • Kent State University: Sustainable and evidence-based design curriculum.
  • Northern Virginia Community College: Entrepreneurship courses for aspiring business owners.
  • Utah Valley University: High job placement rate for interior design graduates.
  • Marymount University: International study opportunities and strong industry connections.


These affordable schools offer a well-rounded education and strong career preparation for aspiring interior designers.