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Online Executive MBA

In today’s rapidly evolving business world, continuous learning and adaptability are essential for staying ahead. Pursuing an online Executive MBA (EMBA) can be a strategic move to equip yourself with the expertise and credentials needed to excel in the competitive job market.

This article explores the value of online EMBA programs, their recognition by employers, and some of the best options available in 2023.

Can You Get a Degree Completely Online?

Obtaining a degree online is entirely possible thanks to accredited colleges and universities offering online programs. This option is especially beneficial for those seeking to earn a degree while juggling work responsibilities or residing in remote locations. The demand for online EMBA programs is on the rise, with an increasing number of both female (38%) and male (19%) candidates recognizing the merits of pursuing an online executive MBA program (Graduate Management Admission Council, 2021).

Will Employers Respect an Online Degree?

While employers have shown a growing acceptance of online degrees in recent years, some still have reservations compared to traditional degrees. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council’s Corporate Recruiters Survey (2022), about 20% of respondents “Strongly Agree” that they value graduates from online and in-person programs equally, with an additional 9% “Agree.” This suggests that progress is being made in employer perceptions of online degrees.

Are Online Degrees Recognized Worldwide?

The reputation of online degrees is on the rise globally. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council’s survey (2022), there has been a significant increase in the percentage of global corporate recruiters who view graduates from online and in-person Graduate Management Education (GME) programs equally, growing from 34% in 2021 to 60% in 2022. This indicates a substantial improvement in the recognition of online programs worldwide.

Traditional vs. Online Executive MBA Degree Programs

The demand for executive MBA programs has been steadily increasing from 2019 to 2021 (Graduate Management Admission Council, 2021). Choosing between a traditional or online EMBA program depends on individual requirements and preferences.

  • Flexibility: Online EMBA programs offer flexibility in terms of learning pace and location, making them ideal for busy professionals or those in remote areas. Traditional programs require physical presence.
  • Cost Savings: Online EMBA programs are cost-effective due to savings on travel and on-campus expenses.
  • Networking Opportunities: Traditional programs offer in-person networking, while online programs create global virtual networks.
  • Accessibility: Online EMBA programs eliminate geographical and scheduling limitations, catering to a broader student base.
  • Learning Environment: Traditional programs provide structured classroom settings, while online programs offer self-paced learning.

Is an Online eMBA as Good as a Regular eMBA?

The quality of an online EMBA degree varies by program. Look for accredited programs with a strong reputation and curriculum that aligns with your goals and learning style.

Is an Online eMBA program Cheaper?

Online degrees can be more cost-effective, mainly due to savings on tuition, travel, and on-campus housing. However, consider additional expenses such as technology fees and graduation-related costs.

Affordable Online Executive MBA Programs for Working Professionals

Pursuing an Executive MBA (EMBA) can be a great way for experienced professionals to enhance their business skills and advance their careers. While EMBA programs offer immense value, the cost can be prohibitive for some. Fortunately, there are affordable, high-quality online options.

This ranking highlights 10 of the most budget-friendly online EMBA programs in 2020.

Please note that tuition fees can change annually and may vary based on factors like residency status, major, and scholarships, so it’s crucial for prospective students to verify the most up-to-date information from each institution.

Ranking Factors

This ranking considers the following factors:

  • Total graduate tuition and fees
  • Delivery format (fully online or hybrid)
  • Program length and schedule flexibility
  • School rankings and accreditation

The programs are listed in ascending order of total cost.

#1 Southwest Baptist University

Tuition: $5,339
Format: Fully online
Duration: 15 months accelerated

Southwest Baptist offers the most affordable online EMBA reviewed. The flexible 15-month program features asynchronous online courses taught by business professionals.

#2 University of the Cumberlands

Tuition: $5,970
Format: Hybrid
Duration: Standard

This reasonably priced hybrid EMBA focuses on analytical and problem-solving skills. Students take online and in-person classes.

#3 Park University

Tuition: $6,012
Format: Fully online or hybrid
Duration: 15 months accelerated

Park University provides a fast-track online or hybrid EMBA with 12 concentration options. Courses are taught by experienced faculty.

#4 Florida Atlantic University

Tuition: $6,693
Format: Fully online
Duration: 23 months

Florida Atlantic offers a flexible fully online EMBA with tracks in analytics, finance, healthcare and more.

#5 University of North Carolina Wilmington

Tuition: $7,457
Format: Hybrid with residency
Duration: 12 months

This accelerated 12-month hybrid program includes on-campus weekends and an international experience.

#6 University of Oklahoma

Tuition: $8,577
Format: Fully online
Duration: 15 months

OU’s specialized EMBA focuses on the energy industry. Courses are delivered conveniently online.

#7 Southeastern Louisiana University

Tuition: $8,826
Format: Hybrid
Duration: 17 months

Southeastern Louisiana combines online and in-person classes to provide an affordable EMBA.

#8 University of Arkansas

Tuition: $8,841
Format: Hybrid with residency
Duration: Standard

Arkansas’ hybrid program includes monthly campus sessions. The curriculum focuses on advanced business topics.

#9 Touro University Worldwide

Tuition: $9,000
Format: Fully online
Duration: 12 months accelerated

Touro’s accelerated online MBA can be completed in just one year. Ten concentrations are offered.

#10 Louisiana Tech University

Tuition: $9,603
Format: Hybrid
Duration: Standard

Louisiana Tech combines online classes with biweekly in-person sessions on Friday nights and Saturdays.

For working professionals seeking to boost their business acumen without breaking the bank, these affordable online EMBA programs offer tremendous value and flexibility. Carefully matching your needs with the right program can pay dividends throughout your career.

It’s important to note that these universities, while costly, often have substantial financial aid programs to assist students in need. As a result, the actual cost to students can vary significantly based on their financial circumstances. Many students receive scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial assistance to help offset these high tuition fees.

When choosing a university, tuition costs are undoubtedly a significant factor. However, it’s essential to remember that the most expensive schools are not necessarily the best fit for everyone. When making decisions, students should also consider factors like academic programs, campus culture, location, and financial aid opportunities.

While the universities listed in this ranking may have high tuition fees, they also often provide exceptional educational experiences, resources, and networking opportunities to help students succeed academically and professionally. Ultimately, choosing where to attend university should be based on personal, academic, and financial considerations to ensure a fulfilling and successful educational journey.

How Much Does an Online Executive MBA Degree Program Cost?

Tuition fees for online EMBA programs typically range from $95,085 to $128,454. Some employers may cover these costs as an investment in their workforce.

Is an Online Executive MBA Degree Worth It?

An online EMBA degree can be a valuable investment for business professionals looking to secure executive-level positions. The job market for executives is projected to grow, with numerous job openings and attractive salaries.

Requirements for Online Executive MBA Degree Programs

Admission requirements for online EMBA programs typically include an undergraduate degree in a business-related field, professional experience, and possibly GMAT or GRE scores. International students may need TOEFL scores.

Things to Look for in Online Executive MBA Degree Programs

Consider factors like accreditation, curriculum alignment with your goals, delivery format, cost, program duration, and the potential for global networking when selecting an online EMBA program.

Technological Requirements for Online Learning

Online learning requires a computer with a reliable internet connection, a webcam, microphone, headset or speakers, and necessary software applications.

Courses to Expect in Online Executive MBA Degree Programs

Common courses in online EMBA programs include financial analysis, management communication, design thinking, economics, and marketing management and strategy.

Analysis, insights, and inferences

The ranking of online EMBA programs provided shows a good mix of factors considered, including tuition, format, duration, and specialization.

Affordable Options

The top three programs are affordable, with tuition under $6,000. This is a significant advantage, as online EMBA programs can be expensive.

Flexible Formats

Most programs on the list offer flexible formats, including fully online, hybrid, and accelerated options. This is important for working professionals to balance their studies with their careers.

Specialized programs

Some programs on the list offer specialized concentrations, such as energy, healthcare, and analytics. This can be a good option for students who want to focus on a particular industry or business area.


The ranking shows that many high-quality online EMBA programs are available at various price points and formats. Students should carefully consider their individual needs and preferences when choosing a program.


The fact that the top three programs are affordable suggests a growing demand for online EMBA programs. The popularity of flexible formats and specialized programs also suggests that students seek programs that meet their needs.


Students considering an online EMBA program should carefully research their options and compare programs based on their needs and preferences. Some factors to consider include tuition, format, duration, specialization, accreditation, curriculum, and faculty. It is also important to read reviews from current and former students to understand each program better.